Ayuda Global

Ayuda Global is a social giving website that connects people in need with friends and family who want to help. The website concept is inspired by the loss of founder Katie Alomia's second son, Anthony, who was born still on October 10, 2006. Katie credits the support of her friends who rallied around her during this time as the source of her strength and courage that helped her face a devastating loss.

Friends delivered hot meals, helped with caring for her 4 year old son, Carlos, and showed up in other amazingly selfless ways so that Katie could recover.

In honor of her son, Katie has created a way for other people to receive the help and support they might need to face their own life's challenges. There are some trials in life that we cannot face alone.

Our Mission

Ayuda Global empowers people suffering from a medical or emotional crisis by connecting them with their own friends who want to help. Ayuda provides a network where people in need can connect and receive support from their friends which contributes to a quicker recovery and reminds them that they are not alone. Ayuda also enables caring friends to follow through on their desire to give and to truly make a difference in their loved one's life.