We’re Not Superheroes, But We Can Be Super Friends: Meet Ayuda Global

You: The ultimate Super Friend. Caring, generous, proactive. Ready to mobilize the troops for a friend in need.

Ayuda: A hub, a virtual HQ, a social networking site dedicated to coordinating support for a friend who's fallen on hard times. The facilitator of relief efforts when disaster strikes.

What They Do: How often have you seen a friend in need, but didn't know exactly how to help? I've been there a hundred times. Ayuda Global can be your community's command center. Whether your friend is grieving a loss, battling illness, on bed rest, unemployed, or disabled, Ayuda's got you covered. The site offers all the most requested relief services. There's so many ways to help: meal delivery, house cleaning, donate money, volunteer. Ayuda can facilitate all that and more. Finally, a social networking site that's about more than stalking old boyfriends and posting flattering selfies!

Best Part: The site is super easy to use. It took me all of five minutes to register, login, make a Super Friend profile, and start giving. Simple, right?

A Bit More About Them: Ayuda was inspired by the personal story of founder Katie Alomia. In October 2006, when Katie's son Anthony was born still, her amazing friends swooped in and helped with everything - meals, groceries, house cleaning, child care for her 4-year-old son. Bowled over by their support, Katie decided to pay it forward by creating Ayuda Global. Today, Ayuda is available nationwide, with big plans for international expansion in the works.

Bottom Line: When things get hard, we've got to support each other. We're not superheroes, but we can be Super Friends.

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