Frequently Asked Questions

Caring Friend FAQs

What is the difference between a "super friend" and a "caring friend"?

a "super friend" is the person who is managing a loved ones profile and organizing the relief effort.

a "caring friend" is a person who wants to help by volunteering, sending gifts or donating money.

How do I get the address of person in need so I can send a gift?

go to friend in needs profile the link to request address. A message will be sent to person in need and if they approve your request - their address will be emailed directly to you.

Donating FAQs

can a "super friend" use their personal paypal account to receive donations on behalf of member in need?


as profile managers "super friends" can decide who should handle the donations made to the member in need.

ideally, donations should be sent directly to the person in need's paypal account. If the person in need is unable or is incapacitated - then using a family or friends paypal account is suggested.

Do I need a paypal account to receive donations?

Yes. All memebers who wish to receive financial donations must already have or must set up their own paypal account. If a paypal account is not entered on the ayuda account set up page then donations will sit in ayuda's paypal holding account in that members name until a paypal account is established.

Each member has 60 days to set up their own paypal account. Once set up, all donations will transfer over from our holding account to members paypal account.

if a paypal account is not set up within 60 days - all funds will return to original donors.

If I make a donation, will it go to my loved one?


all donations made to members in need are processed through paypal. Each member is required to connect their profile to their paypal account upon registration so all funds reach them directly.

Membership FAQs

Do I have to sign up to be a member in order to help my friend?

no. You can view your friends profile and send money without registering to be a member of ayuda.

if you would like to send gifts or volunteer on your friend's calendar than you would need to register to access your friends personal information.

Does Ayuda charge any fees?

No. Ayuda is a free service for friends in need.

Ayuda will launch in spanish in 2014 - then expand into different languages and different countries around the world. Our goal is to ease suffering whever possible and our social networking platform enables us to expand into different parts of the world easily; allowing us to truly make a difference on a global scale.

How long can we use Ayuda Global?

Ayuda Global can be used for whatever length of time is needed.

Who can use Ayuda Global and for what purposes?

Ayuda Global is intended to be used by individuals and non-profit organizations to help families and individuals during a time of need. This could be short term, like during the recovery period after giving birth to a child, or long term, like caring for someone that is homebound.

Who can view my personal information?

all personal information is for admin use only and is not visable to other members.

the person in need will receive volunteer and address requests from friends who wish to help and it is up to the person in need to approve or deny who has access to volunteer instructions and address information.